4 Points To Define Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy In Social Networks
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4 Points To Define Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy In Social Networks

Social networks are a perfect tool to contact consumers. But to meet your goals you have to consider a strategy. The networks serve to increase the visibility of your brand and the offer of your real estate promotions.

Although selling on social networks is complicated, they are good recommendation and loyalty tools, supporting the sales process, although each platform has its peculiarities, that is, the same content cannot always be replicated in all of them.

1) In which social network should my real estate be?

We know that resources are limited and that it is difficult to be on all channels and do it well. Also, not all social networks serve the same purpose.

The important thing is to be active where the target audience is and in the networks that we have the most return. To be successful, social management requires professional work and an advertising investment, so it is essential to have experts.

Let’s review the main networks and how they can be used in real estate:


It is the platform with the most users and brands. To work Facebook as a company, a fanpage must be created in order to interact with potential clients. In this network we will publish specific content with inspirational images or promotions that we have, but above all, that is relevant to the user.

For the Facebook algorithm to better position our posts, it is necessary to add photos, links and emotions to each publication.


It is perfect for the real estate sector as it is a network that focuses on images and videos, so it is important to have good images and graphic coherence to be successful. It is a simple network to use and it is not as saturated as Facebook. It can serve as an informative catalog of the real estate offer or as more inspirational content.


It is one more social network since the videos are full of comments, opinions and feedback from users. It is also the second search engine with the most traffic, behind Google.

In the real estate sector Tajarat properties used it to inform about the company, make branding, or create videos of our promotions. We can also work SEO to generate traffic to our online channel.


It serves as a means of communication, or customer service. Informational publications work best on this network. Direct messages limited to 140 (280) characters, accompanied by hashtags to viralize the content.


It is a professional network since we can generate a network of contacts with Real Estate professionals. It serves to increase branding and the relationship with colleagues or work on the personal brand.


Sharing valuable content on Google Plus, helps to index our website or blog faster. In other words, receiving +1 from Google Plus will improve your search engine ranking.

Google My Business

It also allows comments and ratings. By creating a tab in Google My Business, the user will find you when they search for you on Google or Google Maps, increasing your positioning. It is important to keep the section updated by uploading photos and information about your facilities and the real estate offer.

2) Setting goals for real estate on social media

Once we know which network suits us best according to our business strategy, it is time to set objectives. It is important to have measurable challenges in order to later analyze the success of our actions. Some common goals on social media are:

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Get visits to your own content and your website
  • Get your content to be linked to improve your SEO
  • Show your promotions with useful information
  • Position yourself as an opinion leader in the real estate sector

3) Share content to progress on the networks

Social networks are a territory for sharing content. The user only clicks on content that is of interest to him, so you should look for news and reports that are valuable to him , even if they are not yours.

Trying not to advertise the direct competition, but putting the information and usefulness to the user above your desire to sell. Of course always related to the real estate sector nova city

For example, if a real estate influencer publishes an interesting blog post, you can share it. You can also create interesting and valuable content yourself so that it is shared by more people or consumers.

4) What content should I post?

After sharing and knowing what your future clients are interested in, you can now edit your content. Of course, they must be posts that add value to the user . If in networks you only dedicate yourself to selling, you will only get future clients to end up unfollowing you or hiding your publications.

If we think in the long term, someone who has already acquired a house, your news feed is probably not interesting, but if during the time that he was following you, he bought the house, felt cared for and is happy with his new home, surely It will follow you and share that content, so you can reach more people.

The success of your social media management is measured by being close to your customers. Do you respond quickly and clarify their doubts? Do they share your content? Do they access your website from your Facebook Fanpage? In that case, you are on the right track, continue contributing quality content to social networks and users will reward you.

Do you want to apply a strategy in your social networks? I hope this post is useful to you, and, as in social networks, share if you find it interesting!

What Is Real Estate Seo?

An SEO strategy for real estate websites is a marketing plan to achieve the positioning of our website within the Internet. It is about optimizing our site to the maximum to gain importance within Google and other search engines.

Doing a good job will open up expectations for new sales opportunities. The objective is to make your website the first option on Google when facing any search on the Internet about the real estate sector, attracting the largest number of visitors.

What to take into account to do a good real estate SEO?

To begin we will have to identify the keywords of our services, based on the searches made by our potential clients. Creating quality content is what will set you apart from other competitors .

The first thing we have to do is study our website and identify what is not working or the errors that exist. So we can define what we will do to improve it and start planning the SEO path that we will follow.

To find these words we have to base ourselves on our professional experience within the real estate sector, looking for all the options of the same concept, as well as related phrases.

We must help ourselves with some of the different tools that exist to know the keywords that users use the most on the subject.

These keywords, which are the most important point in Real Estate SEO, must appear throughout the text. They should also be included in the metadata (web title and meta description) and in the titles of the visible content (h1, h2 …). Not forgetting that these keywords should be applied in the anchor text that link to other related content that add value.

It is necessary not to neglect other equally important aspects, such as making our page intuitive and easy to use, making it a simple experience for the user. It is also necessary that this optimization is designed for all devices.

Importance of creating real estate content within the SEO strategy

The publication of content must have a certain frequency, although quality must be the priority. In addition, it is a good practice to include links to references in the sector.

In spite of everything, we must be careful not to saturate the site with external links, as we can be labeled by Google as a link farm, which would be counterproductive. You have to work in a subtle and natural way.

A content that does not add value will hardly have good results. In addition, the publication will constantly generate frequent traffic , so first of all you should know the consumption habits of your users and adapt to them before starting the strategy.

What are the particularities of SEO within the real estate sector?

The real estate SEO focuses on local unlike other SEO strategies. The sale of real estate is highly contextualized in specific geographical areas, so it is necessary to be a reference in the area.

We must combine local SEO with content about real estate that is of general interest, and therefore have distribution through social networks.

An interesting proposal would be, for example: Guide on how to buy a property. It is a subject that is very attractive to users, it could generate a lot of virtual movement. You have to create dynamic content that meets information needs.

Another aspect that takes on special relevance within SEO in Real Estate are the photographs. It is important, above all, to have quality images that do not exceed 100kb as far as possible and that are accessible within the web page. Also, the description of the images within their Alt Attribute must contain keywords.

Why is it important to have the web optimized?

If the work is well done and our content created is of quality, in some time we will become a real estate benchmark on the Internet. If we publish valuable content, we will see that our posts are linked from other websites in the same sector, managing to raise our position in the Google ranking.

Would you like to improve your web positioning? SEO is one of the most important steps to achieve this. If you think it’s time to start thinking about SEO and working towards it, share this information.


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