Differences Between Landing Page, Microsite And Real Estate Web

Differences Between Landing Page, Microsite And Real Estate Web

Selling real estate on the Internet is a long and complex process, since the purchase of the house represents a great investment for the buyer. Therefore we must help ourselves with various tools that web design gives us to achieve our goal, such as a real estate landing page , a microsite designed for Real Estate or designing a real estate website that positions us in Google.

What is a real estate landing page?

The landing page is a type of web where a user arrives who has been interested in our real estate. It usually arises from an SEM campaign or from a Call To Action that draws the customer’s attention, thus becoming the beginning of the conversion funnel.

The real estate landing page of Tajarat properties is prepared to generate leads, that is, to get the user’s contact information. So the visitor must fill out a simple form with the name, surname, email and telephone number (at most) to make the request, and in this way become a potential client.

The web must be clean and avoid distractions, in other words, we only want to obtain the data of the user interested in this real estate development. So we must remove content that misleads the future buyer. If we can get you to fill out the form, our goal will have been met.

In addition, since January 2018 Google has rewarded the websites that work best on mobile. Therefore, we must design a fully responsive real estate landing page that adapts to all devices.

Finally, it is necessary to have several models of landing pages for the same real estate development. In this way, you can test and make the necessary modifications until you get the most transactional real estate landing page.

What is a real estate microsite for?

A Real Estate microsite is useful for the user to have more information about a specific property. It is a website where a specific real estate development is described . It must be clear and functional, as well as easy and intuitive.

That is to say, on this website the client will find the basic description of the apartments that are sold, for example, the square meters and the rooms on each floor, as well as the location of the site and nearby points of interest, without forgetting photographs of the building , plans, memory of qualities, etc.

And why not? A map where the user can calculate the trip between his work or the children’s school and this building. Or a mortgage payment calculator to suit each price.

This information is very useful for the user, but also for the developer since the contact data are qualified leads , that is, buyers segmented with interest , not only wanting to buy a flat in the area, but in that specific promotion

It is a great commercial help, since it generates a database on the users interested in the building, so you can program both SEM, Display or email marketing campaigns aimed only at them.

What’s more, the real estate microsite must allow an interested party to schedule a visit to the building , and by automating the process, the day before we send them a personalized SMS reminding them of their appointment.

Characteristics of a good real estate website

In addition to landing pages that obtain data and microsites of specific promotions, a real estate website is necessary that is designed to position in the search engines of the company that carries out the promotion.

In addition to getting traffic, a website gives the user confidence by knowing and knowing that there is a real company, being able to know its values, way of working and other promotions, generating a brand.

Some of the basic characteristics for your website to appear in the first Google results are:

• Optimized SEO content: in each text, image and link you must use the important keywords for the real estate sector.

• SEO friendly URLs: URLs that are easy to understand for the human eye, so that by reading the address the name of your website and the service it offers can be recognized.

• Responsive websites: the website must be able to load on all mobile devices, otherwise Google penalizes.

Did you find it interesting? Have you tried different types of real estate landing pages? Do you use microsites to publicize your buildings? In that case, tell us about your experience in the comments and if you have found it useful , share this post!

Set goals

For the corporate identity to be worthy of admiration, you have to sit down and start asking yourself what you want to convey. For what type of client will the corporate identity of the company or project be? What idea or message do you want to be associated with?

We are not going to give you the keys on how to define and plan a specific strategy because only you know what is the rhythm you can invest. The important thing is that you focus on the importance of these questions and thus you will clarify which style is the best for branding.

Become your customers

Pamper yourself and be like them. His goals are yours, make life easy for him with branding. And above all, be proud of your brand, that is palpable in the environment, and you will show that you are a reliable and good company for business.

You can get a lot out of bringing corporate identity closer to clients , you can network, create collaborations, give talks and make the branding of your project feel familiar Originality. Don’t be confused. Do not get confused

Branding has to have a distinctive image . It doesn’t matter if the company is new or has been in the market for 20 years, a good, recognizable image is essential.

Now that you have focused on the importance of branding, have asked yourself the right questions and have looked at corporate identity with the eyes of our clients, it is time to have a unique and recognizable form.

Knowing the competitive environment of your project or of the company of which you are the marketing director, you know which foot they visually limp as each brand. You only have to hit them hard with yours, with everything you know , it’s time to be unique!

Clarity. The simple shines

Do not forget that less is more, this in any area of ​​life, and surely the marketing strategy with which you work the project already reflects this and in the corporate identity it should not be less

In these times of visual saturation, where immediacy is our daily bread, if you want to delight with branding, do not fall into the temptation of wanting to express all the potential that the company has with corporate identity, be visually clear and concise, let’s not saturate customers’ eyes any more.

This is about being a beautiful Polaroid photo that remains engraved in the visual memory of the clients and not a stamp with Horror vacui where you want to say everything at once.

Homogeneous. All to one

In psychology, repetition creates attraction for what is constantly repeated, so keeping the essence of corporate identity constant is always a good idea. The corporate identity has to overflow in each action and in each service, in everything that is generated, from budgets to Christmas details for clients.

We are going to put a practical case to specify: it is not a matter of being in all the sites, but if the branding has red colors, use elements of those tones, subtle touches, in administrative documents. You could even give those bright red apples for those clients who come to visit you at the office, a snack can also be branding!

Tell everyone you change your look. Shout it to the 4 winds.

When you feel that the new corporate identity is ready, take advantage of the moment of changes and love that you have given to branding to share the brand again.

Give it visibility with your marketing plan: blog and social networks with generation of interesting content for the public with whom you have mimicked, events to spread messages with which you want the brand to associate, original and unique merchandising …

External real estate call center service

The approach of having its own Call Center team supposes a high cost for the company since economic and human resources are needed. That is why one of the main reasons for outsourcing services to a third party in order to lower costs and offer greater flexibility in blue world city islamabad.

Outsourcing the service can offer a complete service that adapts to the client’s needs, helping to improve the productivity and profitability of each campaign.

The basis of any external Call Center service must be technological and effective. That is, that it is equipped with an agile and powerful technological system and has a human team behind it made up of professionals trained to offer optimal care in measure and form.


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