How A Real Estate Website Can Sell More Thanks To Usability

How A Real Estate Website Can Sell More Thanks To Usability

It is as important to have a real estate website as it is to get leads. To achieve these conversions, the page must be designed for the best user experience. If a future client comes to your web portal and does not understand it, or simply does not like it, they will go to your competition.

Therefore, our mission is to design a real estate website where the priority is to have a high conversion performance as done by Tajarat properties. In this article we will explain some characteristics that an effective Real Estate website must meet.

Define the conversion of each landing page

The first point is to be clear about what each real estate landing page will be for, whether for a specific promotion, for homes of one type or for renting apartments on that beach. Each URL on our Real Estate website must have a defined conversion goal.

Call to Action

Grab their attention, deliver a message that the user cannot reject. An offer, a one-time price, or simply show off your beautiful homes before they scroll down your page. If your future client wants to know more about your real estate before scrolling, you are on the right track.

Apart from the scroll you must keep in mind the different screens where your page will be seen, your website must be fully responsive. Since January 2018, Google indexes before the pages that adapt to mobile phones and tables without problems.

Adequate title and accurate texts

Use the keywords that users are looking for to advertise your real estate. Once you have the keyword and its appropriate combinations, it only shows the necessary content. Use short phrases and lists to better outline your content.

On the other hand, it is true that the client also wants detailed content , and we offer it, but on a page other than the landing page . Thus, we focus the future owner’s attention on making a conversion while on the landing page, but also on a link to all the information published about the house or apartment.

Simple forms improve usability

Obstacles must be removed if the user wants to contact. Therefore, to generate the real estate lead, the form must be simple and with few fields to fill out. To get new contacts in our CRM we only need the name and their email, their telephone number and last name can be filled in later after the first or second contact.

It is very important that the user does not feel pressured to fill in all the fields, make it clear with your texts which field is necessary and which field is optional.

Videos or how to better convey the experience to the user

Short videos, less than 2 minutes, help increase conversion. The audiovisual pieces must show the real estate development or the apartment in question so that the user knows and becomes familiar with it.

The video provides valuable information for the user, see what the interior of the property is like and its details. This first-person experience is more impressive than any eye-catching text that we can publish on our website.

Let others talk about you: social proof

Placing real comments on social profiles of former clients of yours serves to endorse your service. The testimonial that other people leave is as valuable as the publicity you can afford, since you are supported by other people who have had a good experience with you.

Likewise, it is very important that these comments come from true social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In this way it is guaranteed that these opinions are not false, generating greater confidence in the new user.

Use retargeting

If the user did not convert while on your landing page, insist a few more days. You can carry out a personalized display banner campaign for that person, for about 15 or 30 days later, so your real estate page will remain present in their memory, but without becoming a spammer. The two most used tools are the Adwords Code and the Facebook Pixel.

The conversion rate is a great goal for any real estate website. Usability and the correct user experience help to increase it, but it is necessary to be testing and performing A / B tests to be successful.

Guide To Search Engine Ads In Real Estate

Paid advertising campaigns on Google are a great help to sell on the Internet. Paying search engine ads (SEM) guarantees traffic to your website and improves sales or reservations. Besides, it is Pay Per Click (PPC), so you only pay for the clicks you receive. Despite this, it requires a significant investment in a market as competitive as the real estate sector.

In Real Estate is it better to invest in SEO or SEM?

The answer is in both. Both strategies can be combined to achieve success. On the one hand, content marketing helps to organically position your website. On the other hand, paid advertising ensures the visibility of our website. In addition, SEO requires a certain time, but with Google ads the results are appreciated almost instantly.

Personalized search engine ads for each person

With Google Adwords it is possible to segment the audience that will receive your ad. But apart, the search engine only shows your advertising if it is useful for that specific user, depending on the location and language, in addition to the quality of the advertisement.

In other words, to impact the users we want in the real estate sector, it is very important to carry out segmentation by geolocation of the audience. Since it is a market where the locality is a basic characteristic.

Should one or more campaigns be done in Google Adwords?

As many as products or audience segmentations you have. In order to achieve objectives, it is advisable to associate each campaign with a specific article.

In addition, the Conversion Funnel must be applied to the ads, so we will generate specific advertisements according to the maturity state of the user’s purchase.

To be clearer, if the user searches for generic words, it means that they are in the Knowledge phase , testing the real estate market in their city, for example: “flat in Madrid”. We will impact this person with ads that lead to our catalog of homes in the city.

But, if this person performs a more specific long-tail search such as “Alcobendas Madrid new construction promotion”, it means that they are already in the Selection or Sale phase . Therefore, our SEM advertising will direct you to a page where only apartments in this municipality are shown and with calls to action for you to contact us.

How to make my Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign profitable

Search engine ads generate fast results. In addition, constant tests can be carried out to choose which copy transacts best, which group of keywords is more visible or limit the time of your campaign in Google Adwords.

Of course, PPC advertising requires a significant investment in a market as competitive as Real Estate. Search engine ad campaigns are profitable if we manage to minimize the cost per conversion, while maintaining or increasing our CTR and conversion rate. It is vital to have marketers who ensure tight control of budget and metrics.

Real estate landing pages that convert

Finally, it is as important that the search engine ad is visible as it is that the user converts when they reach your website.

The landing pages real estate should be designed with the sole purpose of getting a lead, ie contact details of that person. If this step is poorly executed, all the effort of the Pay Per Click campaign will not have been worth it.

Your landing page has to focus on having the best user experience. It is necessary that you provide specific information about each real estate development, a video that shows the homes and a form with few fields to generate contact is recommended. In addition, it must be completely responsive to adapt to searches from any device.

The road to a utopian city: becoming a Smart City

The concept of Smart City implies that a city is easier and more pleasant to live in, in other words, smarter. A city whereby applying technology and the knowledge provided by Big Data, the city can become an easier environment for people to live in.

There are several projects in cities around the world. For example, in Amsterdam the streetlights emit only the necessary light for each moment of the day, thus saving energy.

In Singapore, the wide network of sensors installed by the city provide up-to-date information on risks of flooding from drains, ways to avoid traffic jams, air quality or where to find a space to park your car.

On the other hand, the city ​​council is working on a computer system to unify all its databases, so the authorities will be able to effectively manage municipal services and integrate them with service management systems, be it mobility, emergencies or even with companies that supply water, gas and energy.

In conclusion, search engine ads generate great visibility and traffic in Real Estate sector blue world city Islamabad. But you have to take care of every detail to make the investment in this online advertising profitable. If you found this post useful, share!


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