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How to choose the ideal size of a property?

Choosing the next address is a pleasant time to rethink projects for the future and how things are going well in the present. These reflections, even, help when defining the ideal size of a property to be purchased.

This is because in addition to values, lines of credit, location and valuation of the asset, it is necessary to consider its longevity and functionality for the current conditions and that are in future projects, such as having children.

Do you want to know how to divide your decision wisely between affection with a home and rationality in making the right choice? In this post, we explain how to choose the ideal size of a property for you and your family. Follow.

Considerations about the ideal size of a property

A good way to start this reflection is to make a list of current needs and future plans that can influence the size of the house or apartment.

Number of residents

The number of people currently living in a residence and possible members that can be included is an excellent starting point.

A couple who want to have children, for example, can invest in a property with 2 or more rooms. This will ensure that your family plans are not interrupted or create a new need for change.

The same happens with families that have itinerant members, such as family members from the countryside who are regularly visiting the house and using it as a support point for everyday situations, such as attending college or undergoing medical treatment.

Future projects

Future projects should also help in defining the ideal size of the property. If the residents have an intense lifestyle and intend to travel with great frequency, a more compact property may be simpler to acquire, and mainly, to manage.

Specific needs of residents

If the residents have animals or special conditions for locomotion, the size of the property ideal can also be influenced.

In these cases, outside areas, private areas or roofs can be good options to provide comfort and freedom to the animals. Permission to raise animals in certain condominiums and buildings should also be assessed.

In the case of wheelchair users and other characteristics, buildings with wider corridors, more spacious bathrooms and outdoor areas that guarantee mobility are also essential when assessing the adequacy of the space.

Acquisition considerations

Acquiring a property, whatever the size, involves compromising income and a more definitive choice, due to the complexity of the negotiation.

Larger apartments and houses will be more expensive compared to other properties in the same region, but may have different values ​​in other neighborhoods, for example.

The care and maintenance of larger assets are also more laborious and this must be considered so that the residents’ routine and quality of life are not compromised.

It is necessary to consider that the purchase of a property is a long and laborious process. The help of a specialist real estate broker or consultant can be essential, as he will conduct a choice that is not only emotional, but also rational, evaluating the asset as well as an investment that offers returns on a possible resale in the future, for example.

In addition to choosing the ideal size of a property, knowing the best ways to finance an asset, necessary documentation and other elements of the purchase are also necessary concerns.


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