How To Improve The Positioning Of Your Real Estate With A Responsive Website

How To Improve The Positioning Of Your Real Estate With A Responsive Website

For a page to be well positioned on the Internet, you must think about browsing through mobile phones. A responsive website adapts to all types of devices, from desktop computers to tablets or mobiles. In other words, an adapted website improves your organic positioning.

What does responsive web mean?

A responsive website means that it adapts to each screen and device so that it is viewed optimally. In other words, it is the same website that personalizes its content according to the user’s device, be it desktop computer, phone or tablet. What’s more, on mobile phones, it is also modified so that it works correctly according to its specific model.

Should I change my real estate website to an adapted website?

Absolutely For a real estate website to position its contents, it must comply with the responsible design regulations. In fact, if the web is not designed to work on mobile phones, Google will not position it in search from mobile.

It is vital to think about the user, and if the page does not work on the device he uses, our website will be directly invisible. Therefore, that a website adapts to all devices gets more traffic.

Characteristics of a responsive website

It is a web design that allows the contents to be fluid to adapt to each screen, using CSS3 media-queries codes. In other words, the texts and images are the same, they are only resized.

However, mobiles represent more than 50% of Internet searches. So it is recommended that the design and content of our Real Estate website be focused, firstly, for mobile devices and then for desktop ones.

Is a mobile website, an app or a responsive website better?

It depends on your way of reaching users. We can have a responsible website, a mobile website or a native app, each one has its advantages and disadvantages. However, responsible pages are faster and cheaper, although not necessarily easier.

For your real estate website to have a good responsible design, it must comply with:

  • Image loading: you must use libraries with conditional page loading, that is, do not use the same resources on desktop as on mobile
  • Different types of screens: each mobile has its size and resolution. It is necessary to design the web following the mobile first model and eliminate all kinds of useless elements
  • Duplicate content: a responsive website , that works both on desktop and mobile, eliminates duplicate content that generates having two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile.

How can I adapt my real estate website to responsive?

Google rewards with a better position the websites that are designed directly for mobile devices, following the mobile first pattern . The mobile user must have the same experience as one from their PC. These requirements must be met:


  • Reduce the weight of all our content so that it loads fast
  • Large buttons that are not clicked by mistake
  • Large font size so that the user does not have to zoom
  • Friendly and easy to fill out form from your mobile
  • Don’t use pops ups
  • Do not block CSS or JavaScript since mobiles use this technology
  • Avoid technologies not compatible with mobiles such as flash.

In summary, it is mandatory to make our real estate website responsive to ensure greater traffic and conversion. Now, that our website is adapted is only part of the job, it must be designed for mobile phones from the beginning. By applying the mobile first pattern to our website, we will be able to position ourselves better in Google.

Besides, if we only have a single and adapted website, our content will be unique and not duplicated, thus we avoid competing with ourselves between our mobile website and our desktop website.

Are you thinking of making your Real Estate website responsive like blue world city islamabad? Do you want to redefine your page following the mobile first system ? Go ahead and leave your comments and I hope this post has served you!

What Is Online Reputation?

Online reputation is the prestige of a brand on the Internet . They are the ideas that our users have about us and our website. The good (or bad) reputation online can come from two factors.

First, by the actions done by ourselves, mainly through our blog posts , but also by the content of our social networks .

The second factor is the projected online image, which is made up of news, comments and opinions expressed by clients on other social networks, web pages, forums, blogs, etc.

Why is online reputation important?

To begin, it is important to understand the relevance of what is said about us online and thus be able to apply actions focused on improving or forging a good reputation online.

A professional in the real estate sector must ensure that his reputation is the best since the prestige that we will show to our potential clients depends on that, which can mean a sale.

A brand with a good online reputation is usually an authority page in its sector , so the search for the brand on the Internet will be easier for users, as it will receive more organic traffic.

Google (and other search engines) considers these to be authoritative pages, which implies having a better organic positioning (SEO). A good positioning provides an image of prestige and seriousness within the sector compared to our competitors.

How to get a good reputation online?

It is always a good idea to create an action plan to achieve your goals, although it is not that simple. Well, a good online reputation is not achieved by following a script, but with daily work and a lot of patience . What can be anticipated are guidelines and protocols for solving problems.

To get a good reputation online you can follow some basic tips that always work:

Create a connection with your customers: potential users like to receive a close and accessible service. Establishing a bond through direct and personalized attention will create user loyalty. It is important to respond quickly, do not let them wait too long and have to go elsewhere in the absence of your answer. It is also important that the language and forms are taken care of as much as possible.

Use real testimonials from people happy with the service: it is important to leave a space on our website for customer opinions. The credibility of your brand will grow with each positive opinion, therefore your online reputation will increase. You could also get testimonials from recognized people in the sector.

Take advantage of bad comments: when you receive a bad opinion about your work, you have to understand the reasons that that client had for making that evaluation. In some cases you will find complaints that will help improve the service. Rating even a negative opinion shows that you care about your potential customers and their needs.

How to apply it in the real estate sector?

In Real Estate you can do different actions to be close to potential clients. Having them present at all times is the best way to take care of your online reputation.

A good campaign on social networks, making use of all the resources means an opportunity for users to see your brand as something close. Such actions should be aimed at creating a conversation with potential customers, always making it clear what the communication channels are. A bad or distant relationship will make us perceive as an inaccessible company.

By way of conclusion, we can affirm that online reputation is not only the specific actions generated by us or what they think about our service, but that it is the final result of a whole set of elements that give prestige to our brand.

How is the status of your online reputation in your real estate company? Should you improve it? Share this information if you found it useful.

The Property Listing or MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a list of properties that offers all professionals in the real estate sector an overview of the properties and the state in which they are located.

This list is shared with other Real Estate companies, opening the greatest amount of possibilities in the market for the members of the list. The relationship between real estate is based on a pact between groups of companies.

A property that is on this list has a network of points of sale, which can be offered by any real estate company. But always acting through the real estate agent capturing the property. In this way, with the help of other Real Estate companies, the business is increased and a better service is offered , based on a spirit of sharing among professionals.

They will be able to provide more efficient and economical services to their users, allowing the development of new services and jointly facing the challenges posed by the market.

The list of properties is governed by internal rules that are supported by a code of ethics that the partners are obliged to comply with. All options maintain the same price and conditions for all real estate companies including Tajarat properties, which generates a homogenization of favorable information for customers .

Although cooperation is facilitated beyond a closed territory, the particular conditions can be adapted according to the local, regional and / or national market. It is possible to set prices by zones and square meter of the houses that are part of the list.


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