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How to set up a real estate sales funnel?

Modernizing sales techniques is essential in any segment. So brokers are perfecting the way they handle their real estate sales funnel. Do you know what this is?

The sales funnel is a process that mixes communication and sales. For this reason, it has been widely used as a basis for business marketing processes of different sizes.

However, self-employed professionals can also benefit from these techniques. In this article, we explain how. Good reading!

What is a real estate sales funnel?

We invite you to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. How do you behave when you want to buy something? It is possible that your behavior will change according to the price of the product or service that will be purchased, right?

For example, the baker does not need to argue with you to convince you to buy bread. You already have enough information about the product and you know how much it costs, don’t you? In marketing, this type of purchase is called an “event”.

Now, what if that same baker wanted to sell the bakery? Would you close the deal immediately? If the answer was a resounding “no”, we can define this purchase as the result of a “process”. Most real estate purchases fall into this category.

The real estate sales funnel is the tool that companies and professionals use to convince the buyer during this journey, commonly called the “purchase journey”.

But how does it work?

There are many variations of this system, but we can divide it into 4 main stages, which are: attraction, lead, opportunity and closing. Let’s understand how each works next.


Imagine that you are walking down the street and pick up a pamphlet that offers an apartment. This is an example of attraction. A pop-up blinking on the screen, a notification, a phone call or a conversation with friends – it doesn’t matter, the goal is the same: to attract people’s attention to what you offer.


At this stage of the funnel, the company collects data on people who have shown an interest in the product offered. The goal is to contact you later, checking if the interest still exists, offering more information etc.


Did you get in touch and the person decided to visit one of the properties in your catalog? Excellent! You are in the opportunity phase. Now, you need to convince the lead to become a customer.


Contract signed and sale completed! There is not much to say about this step, unless the broker must take  care in the after-sales service to leave a good impression.

How to apply it?

The easiest way is to invest in a suitable digital presence. You can have a website to attract visitors, offer content that encourages them to provide their data, becoming leads.  Social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, also offer these possibilities, as long as you create a page.

The attraction phase can be done using digital ads or investing in a content marketing strategy, for example. If you act as a real estate partner, this whole process becomes easier, as the company will already offer you ready-made leads.

As we have seen, understanding the real estate sales funnel means structuring your sales strategies. It is not enough to have good properties and know the market, it is necessary to know how to sell this information.


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