Inbound Marketing In The Real Estate Sector
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Inbound Marketing In The Real Estate Sector

The emergence of the Internet has completely changed advertising. The era of classic marketing (radio, television, advertisement in the press) is long gone and now it is necessary for real estate agencies to attract their future clients with inbound marketing.

How to get new clients with inbound real estate marketing

Inbound marketing in Real Estate focuses on providing as much information as possible about real estate so that the user can find, compare and make a decision within the same web page. Thanks to the published content, the user can be guided through the purchase process.

After all, the user appreciates the verified information or the opinion of others like him more than the advertising interference. Therefore, getting a detailed and correct content marketing increases the chances of success in the sale.

Definition of the buyer persona in online real estate marketing

Advertising is no longer one-way, from television to the sofa at home. Rather, the customer decides when, where and the channel. So, the user is the protagonist, and knowing him is transcendental. Understanding their wishes and tastes, as well as solving their needs, is the goal of the real estate sector Tajarat properties.

The buyer persona is a technique used to profile the future customer (s). These figures are made by collecting information. There are several sources to obtain this type of data:

  • Demographic data in interviews, surveys or Focus groups.
  • The origin of your website traffic.
  • Reporting companies and organizations such as Nielsen or official statistics centers.
  • Trends in social networks.

Examples of buyer persona in the real estate sector

Generally, in real estate there are three types of target buyer : the young entrepreneur, the newlyweds and the elderly

In the first place, the young entrepreneur has the economic solvency to buy a new home, in exclusive areas of the city or with excellent communication. Small or medium flats, but with modern designs.

Second, newlyweds, or couples about to get married, often look for spacious houses or apartments with two or more rooms. In quiet areas and with schools nearby to take your children.

As the last buyer person, we find the elderly, who mainly seek tranquility in residential areas. Small houses for the couple and with parks, supermarkets and hospitals at hand.

How do we treat each buyer persona within the purchase process?

On the Internet, each user decides their path, therefore the Inbound marketing strategy for one client or another must be different.

The response of the real estate agency is different from someone who only wants to inform about the offer in the city, than to someone who is already clear about the neighborhood and the price they are willing to pay.

Here are some examples:

  • Exploration stage : the client uses search engines to find out the areas to buy houses, reads articles or looks at photographs on the Internet. Therefore, the contents must be descriptive of properties or residential areas. In addition, they must have a good SEO optimization to position them.
  • Stage of decision-making: the customer already has all the information now See reviews in both our web and social networks on real estate. Inbound marketing that involve third-party recommendations should be promoted, in addition to encouraging the purchase with some Call to Action.
  • Purchase stage : the client decides to take the step, so the content must be to speed up the process, to provide payment facilities, to inform at all times. It is essential that the client feel calm.
  • Recommend stage : if the whole process works perfectly, we can get a recommendation from you and make you a standard bearer of our brand among your acquaintances.

As you can see, inbound real estate marketing serves to adapt each content to both the buyer person and the phase within the purchase process. Advertising is no longer like in the days of Mad Men, where brands were the ones that set the tone.

Now, the only protagonist is the client and the Real Estate agency must answer their questions and solve their requests.

How To Create Efficient Content Marketing For Real Estate

We must provide valuable information to our users. This is the goal of content marketing and in real estate there is a wide variety of technical explanations, as well as stories full of personal emotions to tell.

How does my content marketing reach my audience?

The first thing is to actively listen to your followers on social networks or with a call center. Your content creation strategy is based on your experience, but the messages should be focused on the buyers. The agency or the real estate developer is not the important thing, the pillar is the story that the new owner will live.

Asking on Facebook or other networks you will learn the needs of your customers. Direct questions such as: “How much would you pay per square meter in this area? Or “What means of transportation do you prefer to get from home to work?”

Thus, you can start to develop a content marketing strategy that answers the doubts of your users. If your content is relevant to your audience, it will deliver, if it only focuses on making your brand known, your publication will end without likes or shares.

But to win over your buyers, you must appeal to their emotions. People are moved by joy, tenderness or anger, therefore, the content we write should be directed to these feelings. Of course, working the positive ones give better results than the negative ones.

Use storytelling to attract customers

Explaining stories is a good way to reach audiences. People connect with people, with their emotions and uncertainties, it is easy to empathize with their doubts when they are about to sign a mortgage for a new home .

The narratives embody the emotions that are experienced. So while we monitor the messages that the public receives, we will intuit what feeling they are experiencing. We will make them participants in our history within the real estate sector and we will share joys and concerns.

However, we will not always be the senders of the story. On the contrary, it is better to start a conversation and have users create their own stories. In this way, they will make our brand their own, while we focus on moderating and curating the published content.

For our content marketing strategy in the real estate sector, simple photos can be used to explain testimonials. Original images that empathize with your followers on social networks. Photographs of a family opening a new apartment, the comforts of a central neighborhood or the tranquility of living on the outskirts.

How should my content marketing be?

Originality is the queen on the Internet. It is true that the real estate sector does not usually run at the speed that other markets in marketing but seeking the debate or trying to do different campaigns is usually effective.

That is, messages should not be repeated, content marketing must be original. In Real Estate you can be new with each real estate development or with constructions on plans. But we can go further, explaining unique experiences of each neighborhood.

We return to storytelling, if you explain stories from local people, your company will become a benchmark in the area. Future buyers empathize with the stories told by real people, the protagonists of your content campaign.

To make our original content a trend, it is important to collaborate with influencers and clients who are active on social networks, in addition to doing a PR campaign with the media.

With influencers and acquaintances, you have to launch a campaign that calls for the participation of other friends of friends. Thus, the viral wave will get bigger and bigger. A clear example is the ice cube challenge for ALS disease. It started with 200 family members and friends of a patient nominating other people to follow the wheel, and so the phenomenon grew.

We must use our imagination to achieve campaigns in the real estate sector that start with a group of followers and hook others. To avoid confusion, blue world city Islamabad monitor and cure the content, obtaining real gold nuggets.

On the other hand, we have the work of Public Relations with the media and blogs. If we publish quality content, original and with a new idea, we will get editorial links to our website. The more links, the better SEO positioning in Google.

What format and when should I post?

The format must be adapted to the channel. On Facebook, for example, people want to relax, especially with images, so design a photography campaign that is not too formal.

Also, short videos of less than a minute . You do not need a great technical display, images of new homes, neighborhood amenities or ways to decorate the property appear. Or also infographics with technical explanations of your properties.

On the other hand, you can create a weekly, monthly or annual campaign. It depends on the resources that will be allocated to content marketing, remember that it is a professional task that requires time and care.

If you are thinking of launching a content marketing campaign in the real estate sector, think about your audience and what original content may interest them. From there, encourage conversation and create a story. If this publication has served you, share!


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