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Real Estate Marketing Plan In 5 Steps

To be successful in marketing our promotions, it is vital to develop a marketing plan specialized in the real estate sector like Tajarat properties. In this short guide we will review the 5 points where you should pay special attention and focus resources. Thus, both the promoter and the agency will achieve good results.

1) What is my situation in the real estate market?

The first step in your real estate marketing plan should be to recognize your current status and where you want to get to in the Real Estate industry.

You must draw a coordinate axis based on your situation and that of the rest of the competitors, as well as the path you want to travel. The ideal is to analyze your company with a SWOT to locate you and your competition.

Once you have in writing what your Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths and Opportunities are, you can define your objectives in the short, medium and long term.

It is important to be realistic with this study, the SWOT will mark if new offices of the real estate developer are needed, new sales agents or the online marketing plan that will be followed.

2) It is vital to know your target within the real estate marketing plan

In addition to knowing their gender and age, you must make complete profiles of future owners. It is essential that you find out the expectations and needs that your new home should cover. If you can draw a complete portrait of the buyer, you will develop marketing actions focused on that specific audience.

What’s more, you can create different marketing plans. If you have clearly different profiles, you must design separate objectives and actions.

At the end of the day, it will not be the same campaign that impacts a foreign investor in search of buying entire promotions, as strategies to convince a national saver that he wishes to acquire his habitual residence.

On the other hand, don’t lose sight of your competition’s campaigns. To prepare your advertising actions you must be inspired by their successful operations. Also, offer something innovative if you find that your competition does not include an action in their marketing strategy.

3) Set SMART goals for your real estate marketing plan

SMART objectives are defined as being specific, measurable, feasible, realistic, and time-bound. It is essential that your goals are ambitious and concrete, but that your company can assume. These objectives should be written as a team, taking into account the opinion of each department of the company and achieving a commitment.

For example, if you are a new real estate developer, your goal will be to build apartments within a standard time frame, you cannot aim to build buildings in record time. Or that an agency with an average of 20 apartments sold per month, goes on to sell 100 properties in 30 days.

4) Plan real estate marketing actions

Actions will be the tools to meet your smart goals. If you achieve these goals, you will be in the desired position within the Real Estate market that you have marked in the situation study. Some of the actions you can take are these:

  • Better position your real estate website in SEO
  • Open a professional blog about Real Estate
  • Edit content that attract links to your website
  • Open profiles on social networks Attend local real estate fairs
  • Search engine and social media ad campaigns
  • Edit landing pages for each product

These actions should be on a calendar . Your real estate marketing plan must be marked in a business year. In this way, the new content you edit and the paid campaigns you carry out will go hand in hand with key moments in the industry such as exhibitions and fairs.

5) Measure and optimize your KPIs

The last point is key, since you must manage your team to measure and analyze the KPIs of your actions. This study can be carried out from day one, but significant dates should be set, such as every quarter, to evaluate the evolution and success of your marketing plan.

Thanks to a scrutiny of each of the metrics, we will be able to know the effectiveness of the advertising strategy. Some examples of indicators to consider are:

  • Number of sales
  • Number of visits to our website
  • Positioning of the web based on the keyword
  • Organic traffic
  • Links achieved
  • Landing page conversion rate

In conclusion, a Marketing Plan for Real Estate is the first stone to achieve good results. The advertising actions will meet your objectives, as long as you are aware of your situation in the market and the needs of your target. If this post was helpful to you, please share and spread the word!

An autonomous car is a vehicle that imitates the abilities of a person, therefore it does not require the intervention of a human to move, because its technology allows it to detect what is around it, plan and execute its movements.

At the end of 2017, the media highlighted the advantages of autonomous cars as the promise of greater freedom for certain sectors and a decrease in the rate of traffic accidents among the young population, among other factors. They also touched on the issue of investment – in the order of 3 billion euros – to adapt the signage and to modify the legislation on this matter.

There are other questions that do not seem so obvious, such as, for example, how would autonomous cars affect the real estate sector? But more specifically, how would the circulation of autonomous vehicles affect the sale of real estate developments?

The reality is that when the circulation of autonomous cars in country is regular, the effect on the real estate sector will be greater compared to other markets, this simply because of the basic relationship between transport and real estate.

Will they destabilize the real estate market?

Although in general terms, this year is being key for the real estate sector, something that is supported by figures and significant facts, there are still some threats and precisely autonomous cars, although in the future, they appear as a factor that could mean destabilization.

The reason? The change that these vehicles represent, not only in simple aspects such as traffic, driver habits, or even in regard to insurance companies, but also in the value of properties.

It is logical to conclude that prices would undergo important changes by eliminating filters such as the location of the property, until now considered one of the key points when choosing a property. The calculations now will not be so simple when buying a home.

An example, a person who currently loses an hour driving to work, with autonomous driving can use that time to perform other tasks, such as working remotely, shopping online or simply resting. Transportation time is no longer wasted, but is usable and is no longer limiting when choosing a home.

Therefore, we would have to think then that the sale of real estate developments will change strategies and will be consolidated in other variables such as: forms of payment, common areas, quality standards, among others, to make a property attractive to the potential buyer.

Thanks to autonomous cars, location will no longer be such an important plus, which will make it even more difficult to exit some properties that have already been on the market for years, without positive results.

Autonomous driving opportunities

Some believe that autonomous cars, while posing a threat in many ways, can also become a great opportunity for real estate.

Places that were previously inaccessible or unattractive in the market , due to the difficulty or impossibility of parking, or because they are far away, will become options that will be worth considering. This opens up the spaces for the sale of real estate developments a little more and offers more possibilities to buyers.

Technological changes, although in a first analysis denote significant advances, sometimes they can be disruptive in some areas and in this case in particular the effect on the real estate sector blue world city Islamabad is large and significant, especially in the sale of real estate developments due to the urban changes that will entail autonomous vehicles.

But, returning to the world of opportunities, as there is no prevailing need for so many parking lots, these lands become options for new developments, something that will obviously have a positive impact on real estate, whether commercial or residential. This undoubtedly translates into possibilities to develop attractive real estate developments for sale.


When changing the ways people are transported, it is logical to think that there will be other changes in sight and the real estate sector is no exception. The buying and selling processes will be different, the real estate too, as well as the demands of the buyers, some variables will be added and others will disappear.

Two unavoidable questions are: what makes a property attractive? , What factors promote sales of property developments? The answers are varied depending on who is going to buy it, but it must be recognized that – at least until this year – there is a coincidence: the location . Now, it is worth asking the same questions now taking into account the circulation of autonomous cars, because surely the conclusions will not be the same.

Although some analyzes indicate a destabilization, as a consequence of the entry into circulation of autonomous vehicles, it is also worth turning it around and considering the positives, possibilities and opportunities of the future.


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